Everything you wish for in your kitchen is designed for you by Ixina with German quality, combining elegance and innovative solutions.

Al Sarh Travel

"Since 1977, Al Sarh Travel & Tourism has been a dedicated travel industry company, with over 44 years of comprehensive experience in the travel market, we are passionate about making travel easier and more cost effective for our clients. As a result of our extensive capabilities in the travel industry, through our deep insight.

Al Sarh’s approach is to fully understand our clients’ objectives on both the strategic and tactical levels. Our team prides itself on having the additional 'hands-on' operational skills to excel in deliv-ering travel related projects."


Al Jabr trading company KIA motors distributor in KSA has provided a special offer as discount for all AMEX cardholders, the discount is allocated to KIA vehicles maintenance and spare parts outlets, while this discount must not conflict with any special offer in the service. 

Drive 7

Enjoy the coolness and comfort of the new Drive 7 films, where there is no heat or radiation, just a mesmerizing light that sneaks in shyly to give you a sense of happiness!

The thermal insulator is available in two types, Ultimate and Premium, which differ in the percentage of thermal insulation. The warranty is ten years

Protective films to protect against scratches and light shocks, in different areas of the car


kaafmeem is made up of two partners who are passionate about adding positive change to society, interested in creating different and distinctive things that add value and make things easier.

Alarab Labs

Al-Arab Medical Laboratories at Jawhar provides its customers with high-quality services and has established its first lab in the heart of the central region of Riyadh.
The concept of the company’s business is not limited to providing services to customers through Al-Zayat to one of the branches, but we have established a wide network with private and government medical hospitals, insurance companies, medical clinics, airlines, banks and pharmaceutical companies.

Siraj Attar

80 years ago, this history embodies the originality and originality of the products of Mohamed Serag Attar and his two brothers, pioneers in the field of men's wool, ghutra and shemagh, with high-quality products and craftsmanship, and a diversity that keeps pace with the change in fashion.


Based on an innovative process developed by Kurt Ziebart to prevent automobiles from rusting, Ziebart International Corporation was founded in 1959. At that time, Kurt Ziebart opened his first location in Detroit, Michigan. The company quickly began expanding into neighboring Midwest cities. In 1963, the first international location was opened in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Midas Furniture was established in 1993 with the vision of introducing a new furniture shopping experience based on elegance, comfort and added value. Its ambitious approach has propelled the brand to the forefront of the industry throughout the region.

Products and services include home & office furniture retail, commercial tenders, comprehensive design-and-build solutions and interior design consultation.