Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Protect yourself from identity theft.
Your details are private. Let's keep it that way.
Identity theft occurs when someone uses your name and personal details to open new Accounts or take over your existing Account. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways you can avoid identity fraud.
Monitor your Account regularly
  • Check your statements thoroughly. Our online services make it easy.
  • Stay up-to-date with our regular Account alerts.
  • See something you don't recognize? Contact us right away.
Keep your Card safe
  • Never let anyone else use your Card.
  • Sign the back of new Cards straight away.
  • Always destroy expired Cards.
  • Your Card is similar to cash, hence you should know where your Card is at all times.
  • Let us know as soon as you can if your Card has been lost or stolen.

Keep sight of your Card when performing a transaction and ensure the cashier or the establishment staff handling your transaction does not insert the Card into any unusual devices (other than the point of sale terminal) or take a photocopy of your Card.

Protect your PIN
  • Choose a PIN that's hard to guess (e.g. not your date of birth)
  • Never write down your PIN or keep it with your Card
  • Don't share your PIN
  • Shield your PIN whenever you use it

Keep personal details personal

When choosing a user ID, password and PIN, avoid using something that's easy to find out, like your child or pet's name. Use different passwords for all accounts (that includes email and social media) and change them regularly.

Protect your financial information

Destroy, preferably shred, any documents or receipts that contain personal financial information such as statements, sales slips, invoices, etc. when no longer needed.

General Security Advice

When using your Card in an ATM machine always stand close to the cash machine to cover the keypad, so nobody can see you when typing your PIN.

If there is anything unusual about the cash machine, or there are signs of damage to the machine, do not use the machine.

If someone close to the cash machine is behaving strangely or offers to help you or makes you feel uncomfortable, use another machine.

If your Card is retained by the ATM machine, inform American Express Saudi Arabia immediately on 800 124 2229 (in the Kingdom) or +966 11 292 6666 (from overseas).

Online transactions

Ensure that online transactions are performed on websites belonging to reputed organizations. Access Internet shopping sites by typing the address into your web browser. Never go to websites from a link in an email and then enter personal details. Use secure websites by ensuring that the security icon (locked padlock or unbroken key symbol) is showing in your browser window.