Corporate Payment Solutions

Corporate Payment Solutions

World-class solutions to help you streamline your expenses.

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Alongside your American Express® Corporate Card, you’ll have access to a range of solutions designed to service different areas of expense management.
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American Express® Corporate Travel Account (CTA)

Travel expense management
Enable employees to make travel purchases and reconcile all spend in a central billing account to help control costs and enhance visibility.

American Express® Working Capital Solutions

Supercharge your cash-flow
Give your business the power to maximize your working capital. Our Working Capital Solutions are flexible and innovative, so your business could hold on to more cash for longer.

American Express® vPayment

Virtual expense management
Make supplier payments anywhere in the world within minutes. Minimize fraud with Virtual Account Numbers and limits assigned per transaction.

American Express® Corporate Card

The American Express® Corporate Card provides you with a comprehensive expense managament solution to help you manage your business more efficiently.

SABB American Express® Corporate Travel Account (CTA)
(Exclusively for SABB clients)

Designed to simplify the process of managing all your travel related expenses.

SABB American Express® vPayment
(Exclusively for SABB clients)

A secure virtual payment solution with pre-set payment amount and date range to help control spend and facilitate an easier reconciliation process

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Our team can help assess your needs and provide you with a customized expense management solution to suit your business.