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American Express® Corporate Card Program Administrator Resources

Program management tools that simplify how you control spend, manage administrative tasks and more.

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As a Program Administrator, there are a few essential steps you’ll need to complete to get your Corporate Card program up and running, and ensure Cardmembers are getting the most from their Card.
1: Register for Corporate Online Services
  • Contact your Relationship Manager to set-up your online account
  • With a single sign-on, you can easily manage all employee Cards
  • Access in-depth MIS reports to help you spot expenditure trends and ensure compliance
  • Review individual Cards to identify outstanding balances or the location of a recent transaction
2: Set up Account Alerts

This is a key step in ensuring employees comply with your company’s spend policy early on.
To set up alerts please contact your Relationship Manager.

3: Assist your Cardmembers in maximizing their benefits
There are a number of ways your Cardmembers can more efficiently make payments, track their spend, and earn points, which can have a positive impact on your company’s overall expense management.
Set-up an Online Services Account which will enable them to quickly and easily view their transactions, receive alerts and more.
Download the American Express Mobile App so that they can securely access their account on the go to keep their spend on track.
Add their Card in their mobile wallet so that they can use the card even if they don’t have the physical card with them.
Enroll them for Membership Rewards if your company has chosen to participate in the Membership Rewards® program. It’s important to ensure that all eligible Cardmembers have personally enrolled their Card to start earning points. This will not happen automatically.
Check employee safety
Your Corporate Online Services account allows you to view recent transactions of your Cardmembers which can help safeguard their well-being in the event of a global emergency.
Empower your Cardmembers to make the most of their Card
Maximize the value of your Corporate Card program for your Cardmembers as well. We’ve created a resource hub loaded with tools and important information to help your Cardmembers with everything – from managing their Card Account on the go, to reviewing their Card benefits.
Corporate Online Services
A powerful online tool that gives you full visibility and control of your company’s Corporate Cards at anytime.
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