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Get a 15% discount at The Closets

End Date:
Al Sarh Travel
  1. Enjoy 15% to 25% discount for Education (tuition fees only)
  2. 25% discount for International license
  3. 25% discount for Visa presses
  4. for Hotel 25% discount at Al Sarh travel
End Date:
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Enjoy 25% at KIA

End Date:

* For Premium Card ( Centurion and Platinum Charge members ) Enjoy 20% + VIP services and 15% for other Cards

End Date:
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Enjoy 15% discount on all English courses basic prices at Wall Street English

End Date:
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Get a 10% discount at Jeeves Dry Cleaners

End Date:

Get a discount 20% at Al Badr Optical ( (the offer does not include Cartier, Chanel, and lenses)

End Date:

Enjoy 10% discount when spend SAR 500 or more at Nahdi Pharmacy

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